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Day 1 - Getting Started With PHP

Day 1 - Getting Started With PHP

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Shahid Ameen

Published on Jan 6, 2021

2 min read

As I have started my journey to Full-stack Development, I've decided to write an article on daily basis to improve my learning and to self-audit, so this article is one of my goals for 2021 Road to Full-stack Development which I have described in my first article. This article will consist of a total of 3 parts.

My Goals for Today

I have to setup PHP.

I have to watch intro videos related to PHP.

Data types in PHP.

Cover the basic PHP variables etc.

What I did Today

I've set up the environment for PHP.

Watched Intro Videos.

Difference between Server-side and Client-side languages.

Learned variables.

how to use echo and print statement.

Plans for Tomorrow

Read the documentation of PHP.

Will learn about functions in PHP.

Study the loops and how they work in PHP.

Resources and Tools



  • Atom

  • Xampp

  • Firefox

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