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Shahid Ameen - Full-stack Developer

Shahid Ameen - Full-stack Developer

Day 3 of PHP Learning

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Shahid Ameen

Published on Jan 8, 2021

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Hi, this is my third article on the road to becoming a Full-stack Developer so, a summary of my day's learning and development is that I have achieved 90% of my goals for today which I have set yesterday.

My Goals for Today

Will learn about functions in PHP

How If else statement works

Where to use Logical operators

Study the loops and how they work in PHP.

What I did Today

I've learned how if and else statements run

Played with logical operators and how can we use them

Just go through the loops

Used Ternary operators

Plans for Tomorrow

Study in-depth Loops

Study functions

String operators

Tools and Resources

  • Atom

  • Xampp

  • Firefox


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