Day 2 - Getting to Know more about PHP Basics.

Hi, so this is my second article following Day 2 of my track to become a Full-stack Developer. Unfortunately, I didn't achieve yesterday's target fully :/, but no worries I've learned about athematic and comparison operator, even it's too little but at least I did something. Like the famous saying

Something is better than nothing

So here are a few updates from my today's activity:

My Goals for Today

Read the documentation of PHP.

Study functions in PHP.

Study the loops and how they work in PHP.

What I did Today

Go through the documentation of the PHP

Did some practical with PHP const variable

Learn in-depth of the PHP Data Types

Perform some arithmetic operations

Played with comparison operators

Plans for Tomorrow

Will learn about functions in PHP.

How If else statement works

Where to use Logical operators

Study the loops and how they work in PHP.

Tools and Resources


  • Atom

  • Xampp

  • Firefox


  • Yahoo Baba

  • W3Schools

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