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Shahid Ameen - Full-stack Developer

Road to Full-stack Development 2021

Road to Full-stack Development 2021

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Shahid Ameen

Published on Jan 6, 2021

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I have been in the development field for the past 1.5 years but I am just a Front-end developer who has the basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, etc. I feel this thing that I have to improve my skills according to modern web requirements. So today I have taken a step to execute my plans for Twenty One.

Here's my daily schedule for the next few months. My personal learning + professional consists of the following three phases.

Phase #1

It's a getting started phase. The time-bound for Phase #1 will be 1 week to max two weeks. This Phase will be published on my blog but it won't be public. I set this to hide it from Hashnode and display it on my blog only. The reason is that this is just for practice and for my self-audit also to make it my daily habit.

The format for Phase #1 daily tasks are as follow:

My Goal for Today

In the morning I have to go through the overall goals. Set the goals for today.

What I did Today

During the day, make little notes, summarise them, and write down it in your article.

Plans for Tomorrow

At the end of the day, Write down the goals you have achieved today. Use that summary of the Today Goals in your blog's article and set your tasks/goals for tomorrow.

Phase #2

By now, I should have a daily habit of writing. It's enough to start with writing a blog and publish these articles. In this phase, I will try to explain Specific Topics regarding the work I am doing. In the beginning, I will set all the articles to hide from Hasnode and display them on my blog only. On the weekend I will go through all of the week's articles and will decide which article should be published with the community.

The format for Phase #2 daily Goals are as follow:

Learning Goals for Today

This is similar to Phase #1. Set my tasks/goals daily in the morning and also what is my learning goal for today. Also will check is there any task pending from yesterday's Goal.

What I’ve Learned Today:

Like in Phase #1 I will make little notes, summarise them, and collect resources from which I took the help. Here I will also write down the feedback of the day why I haven't achieved my goals for today or if I have achieved more goals than the targeted goals.

Tomorrow Learning Plans:

First of all, I will go through the whole day's activity. Write down the goals I've achieved today. Which difficulties/barriers I have faced today for achieving my goals. Use summary and notes of the Learning Goals for Today and what I've Learned Today. Write down the goals for tomorrow.

Phase #3

This is the final phase where I will publish my own articles/tutorials related to Tech and How-To. The plan for writing in this phase is to search, read, and contribute to other tech-related websites like StackOverflow , Quora, and Reddit, etc and answer the questions on these websites.


If you are planning to do something and hasn't been started yet, trust me you won't, until and unless you took a start. Start with something and it will become your habit.

And last but not the least, I would like to express my deepest appreciation and would like to thanks Mobeen Abdullah for his valuable and constructive suggestions during writing this article and setting up my development environment. The advice given by Mobeen Abdullah has been a great help in my whole career.

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